Becoming a Sales Manager is an achievement in itself. It shows a certain level of competence and earned trust, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing else left to learn.
For dealerships who are keen to improve their bottom-line, training the Sales Manager can be a great boost. Not only are good Sales Managers more productive than their counterparts, effective Sales Managers who also show good leadership skills can have a major impact on both their department and their salespeople.

Training and developing Sales Managers can be a lot cheaper and more productive and certainly more motivating than many of the endless cost-cutting measures dealerships embark on. It can be the difference between Mediocrity and Effectiveness.

Dealerships spend a lot of money training their salespeople to sell, but what portion of that invest-ment is used to train the Sales Manager? When was the last time a Sales Manager went to a management seminar, or read a leadership book? We tell salespeople that they need to continue to be students’ of their craft, to keep learing new and better ways to sell. Don’t these same philosophies apply to Sales Managers?

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