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Sharpening Your Skills as an Auto Sales Manager

Being a Sales Manager is a gift!

If you're like most Sales Managers, you came to this position because you had great success as a salesperson. But managing your own sales is not the same as managing your team. As a salesperson, you could easily measure your success through numbers of appointments made and vehicles sold. As a Sales Manager, your success is measured by the success of others. That's not always an easy transition to make. However, it is ultimately a rewarding one. Being a Sales Manager provides you with the opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, and to help others grow professionally and personally. As the saying goes, when you elevate the success of others, you elevate your own as well.

Are you the best that you can be?

Many times, Sales Managers learn from their predecessors who may or may not have had the ability to become an excellent leader. Under New Mangement will provide the skills necessary to take your managerial talents to the next level.

Topics in this book include:

- Being a Sales Manager is a Gift!
- Accepting Your Role as a Sales Manager
- New Vehicle Sales Manager Job Description
- Used Vehicle Sales Manager Job Description
- General Sales Manager Job Description
- What Differentiates Leadership from Management
- What Makes a Great Sales Manager?
- The Sales Manager as a Coach
- Turning Around a Lagging Sales Department
- To Desk, or Not to Desk
- Phone-Ups — The Sales You're Missing
- Advertising, Marketing and Sales Events
- Don't Forget the Internet
- Recruiting and Hirng Salespeople
- Adult Methods for Training Salespeople
- Motivating Your Salespeople for Increased Performance
- Getting Your Salespeople to Perform
- Sales Meetings that Inspire
- Cooperation Through Praise
- Making Criticism a Learning Experience
- How to Handle Employee Complaints
- Preparing a Performance Review
- Firing — Making an Uneasy Situation Bearable
- Handling the Stress of the Job

Sharpening Your Skills as a Used Vehicle Sales Manager

If you order the Used Vehicle Sales Manager Toolkit, you will receive these additional topics:

- The Used Vehicle Department
- Appraising the Trade-In
- Reconditioning Your Vehicles
- Making the Wholesaling Decision
- Determining Your Pricing and Profit Philosophy
- Onsite and Online Auto Auctions
- Forecasting the Future
- Tips for Increased Used Vehicle Department Success
...and More!


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