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The Essentials for Negotiating, Closing and Handling Objections

The moment a salesperson and prospect meet, the negotiation process is sparked. And of course, customers will naturally vie for the best possible price they can get for the car they want. So, in such a competitive industry where a better deal is only a phone call or keystroke away, what salespeople really need to recognize is that negotiation is an art form. The need to utilize demonstrated tools that provide expert-level skills for successfully closing more deals and making more of a profit for both the salesperson and the dealership alike is a must.

Topics in this book include:


Chapter 1 - Negotiating 101
Chapter 2 - Myths and Truths About Negotiating
Chapter 3 - Listening Skills: A Key to Successful Negotiations
Chapter 4 - Influencing Your Customer
Chapter 5 - Six Basic Steps to Negotiating
Chapter 6 - Negotiating Tactics of Customers
Chapter 7 - 13 Reasons for Asking Questions
Chapter 8 - Negotiating Price


Chapter 9 - What Exactly is a Close?
Chapter 10 - Closing Sales or Closing Relationships?
Chapter 11 - Asking for the Sale
Chapter 12 - Using Silence to Your Advantage
Chapter 13 - Using Humor in Negotiations
Chapter 14 - Five Principles to Successful Closing
Chapter 15 - Trial-Close Your Way to a Sale
Chapter 16 - 20 Popular Closing Techniques
Chapter 17 - If You Don't Close the Deal - Negotiating Your Prospect's Return


Chapter 18 - Objections are Questions in Disguise
Chapter 19 - 10 Steps to Handling Any Objection
Chapter 20 - There are No New Objections
Chapter 21 - Scripting Objections
Chapter 22 - The Price vs Value Issue
Chapter 23 - The Assumptive Close
Chapter 24 - "I Have to Talk It Over With..."
Chapter 25 - "Your Price Is Too High!"

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