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The Complete Guide to Selling New and Used Vehicles

The automobile salesperson is a rare individual. He/she works many hours, endures the ups and downs of the industry, works basically on commission, and faces the heartbreak of rejection every day. To survive in this business you have to be a psychologist, teacher, friend, and consultant. Your basic job is to make people happy with their selection of a car, and to make as much money as possible for yourself and for the dealership.

Why would anyone stay in automotive sales with all of these demands? It's one of the few businesses where you have millions of dollars of inventory, a telephone answering service, office space, and an advertising budget, with absolutely no investment of your own. It seems too good to be true, doesn't it? But even with all these benefits, fewer than 40% of the salespeople will continue to sell cars next year.

Here are my theories why this is so:


When an individual makes the commitment to become an automobile salesperson, he receives very little, if any, training. Although training and development programs are slowly gaining importance in the industry, it takes more than what is currently being offered to adequately prepare the salesperson for today's market.


It actually takes a lot of skill for an individual to become organized. I'm not just talking about scheduling your appointments so you can go to lunch at the same time every day. I'm referring to organizing every part of your life in order to achieve a "better you!"


There is nothing more exciting than setting a goal and achieving it. However, knowing how to do this successfully requires skill, patience, and training. If an individual does not set goals, his income will be determined by luck, instead of skill.


If you are a new recruit who is starting automobile sales as a new career, you're probably feeling a little nervous and insecure. Starting anything new can be frightening unless you have a complete overview of what to realistically expect. By understanding your responsibilities in advance, you will know which tasks to learn, and what kind of goals to set.

These are just a few of the reasons why I have written The Complete Guide To Selling New Cars. As you thumb through the chapters, you will find everything you need to give you a better than average chance for success in automobile sales. Just as the title indicates, this book is meant to be a "guide."

It is meant to counsel and direct you in a path that fits your needs. It is not meant to be the only course you follow. I wrote this book to stimulate your yearning for education.

Every person should strive to be the best that he can be, no matter what the challenge. It is your responsibility to educate yourself, and not wait for someone to do it for you. With the vast array of books, seminars, and educational and motivational materials available to you, it is your obligation to strive for excellence. I hope The Ultimate Automotive Salesperson will help you accomplish your goals.

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