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Our Email Training Program on CD-Rom

Consistency is one of the most important aspects of any training program. And that's where many programs fail. So we developed a program where subscribers received a new lesson waiting in their email boxs every Monday morning to start every week with education, motivation and training.

But we had so many Managers wishing the lesson they received this week, they had several weeks ago when the lesson was really needed. So we discontinued the email training program and put all the lessons in a PDF file and audio so you can choose whichever lesson is appropriate for that time. Choose from 26 lessons which will make your manager meetings much more productive.

If you'd like to view samples of this program, download the .pdf sample file.

Week 1 - Asking the Most From Your People — and Get It!
Week 2 - The Sales Manager as a Coach
Week 3 - When You’re Hot, You’re Hot — But What If You’re Not?
Week 4 - Splitting Deals
Week 5 - Eight Ingredients for Effective Sales Training
Week 6 - Listen to Your Sales Staff for New Ideas
Week 7 - Ultimate Customer Service
Week 8 - Handling the Salesperson in a Slump
Week 9 - Managing Negative Employees in an Artful Way
Week 10 - Loyalty is Your Greatest Asset
Week 11 - Praising Your Employees
Week 12 - Where Do You Look for Great Salespeople?
Week 13 - Managing Conflict is Essential for Increasing Productivity
Week 14 - The Sales Manager Everyone Hates to Work For
Week 15 - What Makes a Great Sales Manager?
Week 16 - Assessing Your Salespeople’s Skills
Week 17 - Cutting Your Throat
Week 18 - Hiring the Right Salespeople Depends Upon Seven Important Factors
Week 19 - The #1 Mistake Made When Dealing with Angry Customers
Week 20 - Understanding Hostile Customers
Week 21 - Employee Orientation
Week 22 - What’s Training Good for Anyways?
Week 23 - Turning Around Negative Attitudes
Week 24 - Sales Managers Make a Difference
Week 25 - Selling in Tough Times
Week 26 - Five Keys to More Powerful Sales Meetings

Keep in mind that Michael Learning Group retains the copyrights on all printed and audio material. So though you have a license to reproduce them for your dealership alone, you do not have the right to print them for other dealerships in your group, and would be considered "copyright infringement". Each store would need to purchase their own Toolkit.


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