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A Complete System for Organizing Your Day

Organization is hard! No one likes to do it. But you will find that the more organized you become, the more productive you can be.

It each monthly planner, you'll find the following categories to make your organization easier:

- Today's Goals - Today's Totals - Things to Do List - Phone-Ups
- Follow-Ups - Appointments - Ups - Want List
- Prospect Calls - Mailouts - Monthly Statistics - Customer Log

You can simply take the file to your printer and have as many printed as you like.

Once you receive the file and look through it, if you'd like me to customize it with your dealership name, I will create the PDF file for an additional $50.00.

Keep in mind that Michael Learning Group retains the copyrights on all printed and audio material. So though you have a license to reproduce them for your dealership alone, you do not have the right to print them for other dealerships in your group, and would be considered "copyright infringement". Each store would need to purchase their own Toolkit.

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