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The recession doesn't have to be the end of the world. Despite the problems that are existing in the vehicle industry, Sales Managers need to rise to the occasion and make sure their staff and department are run even better than when times are good.

The Recession-Proof Vehicle Sales Manager audio program will start you thinking about what needs to take place before a recession hits, and what you can do now that we're in one. Some of the topics on this audio include:

- The Recession-Proof Sales Manager
- What Makes a Great Sales Manager
- Being a Sales Manager is a Gift!
- Management Success Begins with Loyalty
- The Recession is Here - Now What?
- Sales Managers Need Training Too
- Don't Cut Your Own Throat
- Praising Through the Hard Times
- When All Else Fails, Let Your People Go
- Phone-Ups - The Big Loser
- Don't Forget About the Internet
...and More!!

Don't let the recession get the better of you. Your leadership during these hard times is more important than ever.


Keep in mind that Michael Learning Group retains the copyrights on all printed and audio material. So though you have a license to reproduce them for your dealership alone, you do not have the right to print them for other dealerships in your group, and would be considered "copyright infringement". Each store would need to purchase their own Toolkit.

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